Angstrom Chemicals

Our Chemistry department can provide solutions engineered for the specific needs of the customer. We integrate our products into a wide variety of materials such as inks, varnishes, plastics and adhesives. These materials have a wide variety of uses for security, research, process control, and entertainment purposes.

We provide a range of product options, from custom formulated compounds to finished products designed to your specifications. Also, we can offer a wide range of services with our Chemical and Electronic engineering resources.

Invisible Fluorescent Chemicals

Fluorescence is the visible light (color) produced by a chemical when exposed to ultraviolet energy. This visible light persists only as long as the exposure to the ultraviolet energy is continued. We offer high quality pigments or dyes that have unique properties and are designed to offer minimum visibility under normal (visible) light. We design many of these products to be invisible and undetectable without an ultraviolet light source and/or specialized electronic equipment (see our Electronics section). These products are an excellent choice for process control and security applications.

Daylight Fluorescent Chemicals

These are high quality pigments or dyes that produce a very intense color under normal (visible) light. The color intensity is enhanced with a fluorescent component. These materials have many uses such as clothing, safety and decorative applications.

Phosophorescent Chemicals

Phosphorescence is the visible light (color) produced by a chemical when exposed to visible light and/or ultraviolet energy. This differs from fluorescence in that the visible light emitted by the chemical persists for a period of time after the light source is removed. This glow-in -the dark effect has many uses for toys, novelty, entertainment


We offer a wide selection of inks and varnishes custom manufactured to the customers specifications. We can also integrate our compounds with pre-existing ink, paint or varnish.