Angstrom Electronics

Since 1983, our engineers have been developing and manufacturing patented fluorescence and luminescence detection systems in conjunction with our light reactive chemicals. We offer a wide range of products from simple UV lights to microprocessor driven systems, designed to detect and measure unique combinations of luminescent materials. Many companies depend on our detection technology for their most demanding applications.

Fluorescence Detection Systems

Angstrom designs systems for a wide range of applications including:

  • Security: document, product and brand protection. Angstrom designs proprietary detection systems that are customized to verify multiple levels of covert (invisible) light reactive materials developed by Angstrom for a unique, comprehensive and self-contained security system.
  • Quality Assurance: Angstrom provides systems that are custom calibrated to a customer's specific application to verify the correct level of fluorescent materials in a wide range of products.
  • Process Control: Angstrom's devices can be integrated to work with high speed automated production systems to verify that the correct level of optical brightener, tagged adhesives or other fluorescent materials are present.

System Accessories & UV Lights

Our system accessories are designed to maximize the options and flexibility of our detection systems. We also provide a selection of UV lights that are convenient and inexpensive tools for visual inspection of virtually anything that contains fluorescent material; currency, negotiable documents, credit cards, passports, ID's, process control coatings, etc.


Angstrom's patented MoneyChecker is an accurate, affordable, quick and easy to use device for verifying US currency and other documents at a point of sale or office environment. Many prominent US financial institutions, merchants, and restaurants depend on Angstrom's MoneyChecker for protection against counterfeit currency and ID fraud.