We can supply virtually any type of ink formulated with our proprietary fluorescent compounds. Our Ink products are used primarily in two major industries: Process Control and Security. They can be described in terms of the visible and invisible components. We can work directly with your ink supplier or we can develop an ink to your printer's specifications.

Process Control

The visible component of the ink provides advertising and regulatory data for the product. The invisible component of the ink can serve multiple purposes such as coat weight monitoring, internal coding, lot sorting and more.


The visible component of the ink in conjunction with the invisible compound can be designed to change color when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light. The invisible component of the ink can be layered to produce a unique code signature specific to a particular customer. We have created many extremely effective formulations for document and product authenticity verification.

Many prominent companies and financial institutions have used Angstrom's products for the most critical process control and security applications. Combined with our electronic engineering resources and our UV detection and scanning equipment of our own design and manufacture, we can provide an individually tailored solution. From compound to scanning equipment we can provide a complete system for your process control or security needs.