Angstrom MoneyChecker


US Patent number 6,603,871.

The MoneyChecker is a reliable, economic, quick and accurate anti-counterfeit tool used by banks, financial institutions, retail and restaurant chains nationwide and abroad. The Industrial model is designed to verify the authenticity of US currency. The Universal model is designed to verify the authenticity of US currency and provides an additional UV lamp that allows authentication of many additional documents such as credit cards, travelers' checks, driver licenses and other ID's.

The MoneyChecker identifies two covert security features: the denomination specific color-coded Security Thread with Micro-printing, and the Watermark. The US denominations $5, $10, $20 (including the new $20), $50 and $100 printed after 1996 all contain these security features. The built in template provides the correct location and color of the security thread when activated by ultraviolet light which is unique to each denomination.

Download the MoneyChecker Brochure and user manual here:

MoneyChecker Universal 6700 Model


  • Two long-lasting ultraviolet lamps enable the detection and verification of fluorescent security features found in US currency, credit cards, travelers' checks, ID's, etc.
  • One standard lamp that illuminates the watermark.
  • A built in reference template.
  • A sensor that automatically activates the device when a document is inserted.
  • The unit automatically deactivates after four minutes of non-use.
  • Replaceable UV lamps.
  • AC power adapter included.
  • One year warranty