An Update from the President and CEO of Angstrom Technologies
March 1st, 2018

Welcome to our First Quarter Update of 2018. We will continue to post an Angstrom News Update at the end of each quarter throughout the 2018 fiscal year. Our fiscal year begins November 1 and ends October 31.

In the first update of 2004, we affirmed Angstrom's three core beliefs. They are:

  1. Responsiveness - to internal and external customers
  2. Respect for the Individual - internal and external
  3. Return to Shareholders
Company News

Angstrom purchased its own facility in 2009 and completed construction upgrades to the facility. We continue upgrading equipment needs dependent on product efficiency and quality. We encourage you to continue to view our updated website at


Our First Quarter 2018 results were lower compared to the First Quarter of 2017. Business was lower domestically and overseas. We believe the trend will continue into the 2nd Quarter of 2018. We continue to work towards securing new government and commercial business to expand and maintain our markets.

Product News

Angstrom continues to develop new UV chemical technologies for specialized high security applications. Our security technology with our partner/customer did not result in any increase in revenue during First Quarter. Our partner/customer has continued to request the announcement of this technology product to be delayed to the public until significant market penetration is developed to secure current and future opportunities.

We will post our next news update on our website in early to mid-May and it will provide our Second Quarter results for fiscal year 2018.

Tony Petrucci

President & CEO
Angstrom Technologies