Angstrom's Fluorescence & Luminescence

Detection Systems

  • Angstrom’s devices can detect and measure the relative intensity of luminescence in both visible and invisible materials.
  • Our systems feature a wide range of sensitivity with broad or narrow wavelength detection, calibrated to customer specifications.
  • Angstrom can provide a completely integrated system that combines our detectors with our Chemical Products. We can also calibrate our devices to work with pre-existing customer applications that use materials manufactured by other companies.
  • Our versatile systems feature many configuration options and accessories, such as built- in or remote metering or simple user defined pass/fail indication.
  • Angstrom provides service, repairs and offers re-calibration services for all of our products. We also offer a high level of support but for your entire application, including process optimization and spectrophotometric analysis of your materials by our PhD chemists.

Our Detection Systems feature very flexible configurations. Our Application Specialists can configure a system for your application with only the features you need for the most cost effective solution. Contact Angstrom for a free consultation.

3000 Model Series

Ideal for security, lab testing and/or quality control applications. Features include

  • Broadband or frequency specific fluorescence detection.
  • Designed to work with our flexible Liquid Light Guide probe (shown).
  • Optional Remote Meter display available for relative measurements, audible pass beeper and pass/fail LED.
  • Angstrom can pre-set the spectral range, sensitivity and low/high pass fail indicators to your application.
  • Optional user programmable Auto-Threshold control with push buttons to set high and low limits per sample and Pass/Fail Indicator LEDs.
  • Analog/digital I/O for external machine integration.
  • Special pricing available for a complete system including Remote Meter, Probe, reference calibration sample and Test Fixture.
  • Ideal for lab testing, quality control and/or security applications.

5000 Model Series:

Our most versatile model series. Detectors in this series can be configured for a wide range of applications from a basic low cost pre-set detector to a custom calibrated measurement/verification system with numerous I/O options. Features and Options Include:

  • Optics can be configured with either the front lens only, our Liquid Light Guide Probe, or as a slide reader.
  • Angstrom can pre-set the spectral range, sensitivity and low/high pass fail indicators to your application.
  • Works with our remote meter or with our built-in integrated meter display available.
  • Analog/digital I/O for external machine integration.
  • Dedicated RS232 output available that also can be easily converted to USB.
  • Pass/Fail bi-color LED and audible buzzer options.