Angstrom Accessories & UV Light Sources

The accessories and tools shown below are designed to work with our Fluorescent Detection Devices. These accessories are combined with our Detectors to create a system that is best suited for your application. We also offer a selection of ultra-violet (UV) light sources that can be used alone or in conjunction with our detection systems.

Remote Display Meter: The LCD display numerically represents the intensity of the fluorescent material as detected and processed by the Detector. It also features a built-in pass/fail bi-color LED and audible beeper. The Remote comes with a detachable data cable. The LCD display is also scalable to specific applications.

Liquid Light Guide: Flexible probe that accurately transmits optical I/O data between the test area and the Detector with minimal loss.

Calibration Standard: This device is a patented tool for calibrating the Detector’s reference point to a specific application. The calibration Standard is used in conjunction with the Liquid Light Guide and the Remote.

Test FixtureThis is a stand designed to hold the tip of the Liquid Light Guide precisely at a fixed distance from the test area. The Test Fixture provides consistent measurement conditions for samples or documents and can be used with or without our Sample Test Plates.

Sample Test Plates: An economic, anodized aluminum plate with a standardized thickness that provides a fluorescent-neutral background. Also prevents contamination of the Test Fixture from fluorescent materials.

UV Light Sources:Our portable UV light sources feature a narrow emission spectral band, long battery life and the LEDs are guaranteed to last a minimum of one year. They are effective tools to visibly check for the presence of fluorescent material and verify security features found in:

  • Currency (security threads and watermarks).
  • Negotiable documents (certificates, travelers’ checks).
  • Credit cards and ID’s.
  • Forensic applications
  • Virtually anything that has been coded with fluorescent material.

The Luminator™ is a portable, pocket size light source using high power UV LED technology. The LED provides very intense UV light with a 365 nm emission wavelength to assure accurate UV-A illumination. Unlike many cheap imitations that are mostly blue light, the Angstrom Luminator offers true 365nm UV-A illumination in a compact size. The Luminator uses a rechargeable battery (battery and charger included).

AuthenticatorOur most economical portable UV light source features a 370 nm emission wavelength in an extremely compact size. The Authenticator is small enough to fit on a keychain but features two replaceable lithium batteries providing over an estimated 30,000 activations.