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We manufacture luminescent pigments and dyes for security product applications and detection technology.

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Decades of Proven Security

Angstrom Technologies, Inc., is a proven, international partner for industries involving security, printing, and detection technology. We operate our business based on an unwavering commitment to security and unrivaled customer service. We invite you to learn more about our company, our capabilities, and our products.

Security Pigments & Taggant Products

Our team of chemical specialists partner with ink suppliers and ink formulation specialists to develop luminescent taggants and inks across the global market.

Yellow fluorescent powder under UV light

Fluorescent Pigments & Dyes

Multicolored inks using fluorescent detectors

Custom Taggant Blends & Inks

Invisible Color Toner

UV Light Detection device

Detection Systems

Services for Brand Security & Luminescent Material Applications

Angstrom Technologies, Inc. manufactures luminescent pigments and dyes, and provides application assistance for security printing and detection systems. We provide comprehensive, white-glove service to meet the security needs of governments, corporations, financial institutions, and more—at any point in the supply chain. Wherever you are in the process, whatever you need, simply contact the team at Angstrom Technologies, Inc. to start the conversation.

UV Detector device

Security Ink & Design Services

Small jars of fluorescent powders

Security Ink Design Solutions

Making fluorescent ink

Master Batching and Extrusion Services

Making fluorescent powder

Particle Size Reduction

Digital chart showing wavelengths

Fluorescence Spectroscopy & Analysis

UV-lit powders

UV Fluorescent Material Lightfastness Determination

Manufacturing and 3D printing


Industries We Serve

At Angstrom Technologies Inc., our technology and solutions are used in a wide range of products across a variety of industries. Our pigments and dyes can be found in food labels, government documents, concert tickets, and more.

We’re dedicated to helping you keep your products secure. Learn more about our OVP products, services, and custom solutions.