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Angstrom Technologies, Inc., is proud to serve the following industries for applications in high security printing, manufacturing, brand protection, document security, process control and quality assurance.

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Angstrom Technologies, Inc. produces fluorescent dyes and pigments that are used by US government agencies and other countries to help prevent counterfeit currency. Our products are used worldwide in high security printing applications for government issued passports, driver licenses, state identifications and more.

Fluorescent materials are used to create anti-counterfeiting features in a variety of components such as adhesives, plastics, bindings, threads and other materials that are then integrated or applied to the item in highly discreet and controlled processes. The materials are usually combined or layered with other security elements that require exacting specifications for consistency, repeatability and durability.

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Retail & Brand Protection

Our fluorescent materials and detection systems are used widely throughout the retail industry for brand protection and authentication. Our fluorescent dyes and pigments as well as OVP materials are used to protect a variety of products, including luxury product certificates, wine and liquor labels, hang tags, concert & sporting event tickets, promotional game pieces and more.

Invisible UV fluorescent marks and codes incorporated into a retailer’s existing label, tag or other item can provide a very cost-effective method for brand authentication without altering the original visible label design. This method is very flexible and allows for various levels of complexity; it can be a simple invisible mark, added to enhance a visible ink, combined with other security marks or used to produce an invisible track code.

Verification methods can be as simple as visual inspection with a UV flashlight or as complex as a proprietary system requiring several luminescent components that can only be detected using a specific electronic device.

Manufacturing and 3D printing


Our fluorescent pigments and dyes are used in a variety of ways in manufacturing processes for both process control and quality control of manufactured parts. These materials work with our fluorescence detection systems and online sensors or can be designed to work with the customers’ own system.

Process Control: Invisible fluorescent marks are printed on product labels so that the label and position can be verified on an assembly line using high-speed UV fluorescence sensors. Invisible marks do not interfere with the visible label design and are also used to detect clear labels that must remain completely transparent in normal light.

Detecting Parts Defects: fluorescent pigments and dyes are used in Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI) methods to locate surface-breaking defects in all non-porous materials (metals, plastics, or ceramics). FPI can be used to detect casting and forging defects, as well as cracks, pores, voids or binding defects.

Leak Detection: fluorescent dyes are added liquid systems to detect leaks. A small amount of fluorescent dye is added to fluid systems and allowed to circulate with the host fluid or refrigerant. If the mixture escapes and accumulates at a leak point, it can be detected visually using a UV flashlight; leaks glow brightly, making them easy to spot.

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ID Verification

Angstrom Technologies, Inc.’s, invisible fluorescent products are used to create security features for identification documents such as government-issued passports, driver’s licenses, state IDs, and corporate identification cards.

Identification documents can be verified to prevent security breaches, fraud and identity theft. Invisible ID security features can be as simple as a hidden mark printed conventionally or as complex as a full color invisible photo that matches the photo ID.

Angstrom Technologies, Inc., produces invisible laser toners for specific printing systems used by commercial printers to produce invisible images on security documents that are virtually impossible to replicate by conventional methods. We can provide laser toner for specific hardware to produce invisible full color or monochrome images from standard photographs or any printable image.

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Angstrom Technologies, Inc., produces both invisible fluorescent materials and detection systems for the banking and finance industry. Invisible UV fluorescent materials are used alone or in conjunction with other methods to protect the authenticity of various financial certificates and securities, such as stock certificates, travelers’ checks and more.

In addition to providing luminescent products to design invisible fluorescent security features that can be printed or hand-applied, Angstrom Technologies, Inc., produces electronic detection devices to detect these specific features. For example, one of our detection devices has been used as part of a signature guarantee system that verifies certification stamps when securities are transferred or sold.

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Fluorescent dyes are applied to the surface of non-porous materials in order to detect defects or added to liquid systems to detect leaks. Fluorescent dyes are used with a penetrant liquid to locate surface-breaking defects in non-porous materials to detect cracks and structural separations in the fuselage and other surfaces of aircraft. This technique is also used to detect cracks in aircraft engine components and other high-energy rotating parts. Fluorescent dyes are added to liquid systems to detect leaks. A small amount of fluorescent dye is added to fluid systems and allowed to circulate with the host fluid or refrigerant. If the mixture escapes and accumulates at a leak point, it can be detected visually using a UV flashlight; leaks glow brightly, making them easy to spot.

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Angstrom Technologies, Inc., is developing a fluorescent material designed to be a tracer or marker in seed coatings. The invisible fluorescent material is used to create an invisible mark on the surface of the seed to identify the seed manufacturer for brand protection/anti-counterfeit. A fluorescent seed marker may also be used to study how chemicals diffuse through the seed coat and whether or not they are able to penetrate the embryo of different vegetable crop seeds.

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