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UV Light Detection device
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Fluorescence detection products from Angstrom Technologies, Inc., range from UV LED flashlights to microprocessor-driven systems that detect and measure the intensity of luminescent materials and taggants.

Angstrom UV scanner

Fluorescence Detection Systems

Angstrom Technologies, Inc., provides a range of fluorescence detection systems configured to your specific application. Our systems are flexible and customizable to offer the most cost-effective solution. We have devices for simple fluorescence detection, systems for measuring and quantifying fluorescent emission intensity and luminescent sensors for automated processes.

5600 Model Series

Our most versatile model series. Detectors in this series can be configured for a wide range of applications from a basic go/no-go detector to a custom calibrated measurement/verification system with numerous I/O options.


  • The liquid light guide probe can work with our stationary test fixture or an adjustable bracket to ensure a precise probe to target distance
  • We can preset a threshold level for a visual pass/fail indicator using a bicolor LED and an audible signal
  • Analog and digital I/O connector for external device integration
  • Provides the same functions as the 3000 series in a smaller form factor and more meter display options
  • We can preset the spectral range, sensitivity and scaling resolution to your application
  • Works with our remote meter or with our built-in integrated meter display

3000 Model Series

Ideal for security, lab testing and/or quality control applications.


  • Our team can preset the spectral range and sensitivity to your application
  • Broadband or narrowband wavelength fluorescence detection
  • Designed to work with our flexible liquid light guide probe and our remote meter display
  • The liquid light guide probe can work with our stationary test fixture or an adjustable bracket to ensure a precise probe to target distance
  • Analog and digital I/O for external machine integration
UVX Luminescence Sensor

Inline Luminescence Detection Sensors

Angstrom Technologies, Inc., offers UVX luminescence sensors, featuring high sensitivity and fast response times for high-speed automation processes. These sensors provide effective detection of transparent labels, glues, and adhesives in assembly, manufacturing, and packaging processes. Even transparent glue is reliably detected. The metal alloy case and glass lens provide robust construction for an industrial environment.

Model 4700 (UVX 300 G-C)

Offers a broad response covering the visible color range: 350nm to 1000nm

Model 4750 UVX 300-G-FGC)

Features blue light suppression for detecting fluorescent colors that may be obscured by a blue optical brightener in the background. Response range: 500 nm to 1000nm.


  • Our luminescence sensors perform more reliably than vision systems that cost ten times more.
  • Two-digit LCD displays relative emission intensity, 00 to 99 range.
  • Pass/Fail indicator
  • Quick and easy set up and integration with user-adjustable parameters
  • Programmable auto-threshold and sensitivity.
  • UV LED rated for 100,000 hours.
  • M-12 connector provides power/discrete output to PLC.
  • Includes both a discrete PNP/NPN output and an analog output.
Money Check device


Angstrom Technologies, Inc., is excited to introduce a new and vastly improved counterfeit currency detection unit that replaces our previous MoneyChecker 6500 & 6700 models. The LED 425 Model is our latest MoneyChecker product that has all the features of our best previous model (the Universal 6700) but with the addition of new features and significant improvements.

LED 425 Model Features:

  • Three counterfeit detection systems—ultraviolet (UV), watermark (WM, and length
  • Verifies bills, IDs, credit cards, & other important documents
  • Time-controlled LED lights turn off automatically
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Reduces counterfeit losses due to human error
  • Includes removable USD template guide to help with visual verification
  • There are two sets of UV LED lights, from above and below, that allow checking currency as well as opaque items such as credit cards and IDs.
  • The UV lamps are now bright long lasting LED’s (10,000 hours). Never have to replace lamps again.
  • Three Year Warranty

LED 425 Model Operational Features:

  • Template Guide is included to show the operator the color and position of the security thread embedded on U.S. bills
  • Unique hassle-free LEDs do not require constant replacement like conventional UV lamps resulting in cost savings.
  • Intuitive automatic ON/OFF sensors help extend the machine’s lifespan while helping to reduce electrical costs.
  • UV, WM, and size detection allows for complete verification of a bill or document’s security features

LED 425 Model Quality Construction:

  • Made with super-bright, long-lasting Ultraviolet LEDs (lasts approximately 10,000 hours)
  • Watermark Verification system uses long lasting LEDs
  • Compact size makes it suitable for tight POS stations
  • Reduces counterfeit losses due to human error
  • Powered by AC / DC power adapter (12VDC) which helps reduce costs of electricity
  • Product Design prevents UV exposure to user
Angstrom UV flashlight detectors

UV Light Sources

Angstrom Technologies, Inc., offers a selection of UV lights that are powerful and convenient tools for visual inspection of virtually anything that contains fluorescent material, such as currency, negotiable documents, credit cards, passports, IDs, coatings, and more.

Rechargeable UV Flashlight (Model 1290)

The 1290 Model is our best UV LED Flashlight. Powered by a single 18650 rechargeable battery, this flashlight has a built-in charger using a standard USB-C cable. Both the battery and the USB charging cable are included. The 1290 can run five hours continuously on a single charge.

Portable UV Flashlight (Model 1299)

The Model 1299 is a smaller and less expensive UV flashlight that features the same high-quality 365nm UV LED and uses a single standard AA battery (included).

Model 1290 & 1299 Features Include:

  • High-quality 365nm UV LED rated past 20,000 hours
  • Durable aircraft-grade alumnimum body hard-anodized, anti-abrasive black finish
  • Three brightness levels
  • End click switch
  • Vacuum-coated aluminum optical reflector
  • UVA pass lens filter (anti-glare and blocks visible stray light
  • Impact-resistant (anti-drop height of 1.5 meters)
  • Waterproof to IPX8 Standard

UV Light Comparison

Our UV flashlights and UV light-based devices are far superior to common blacklights. Common and inexpensive blue or blacklights may appear brighter, but it’s the light that you can’t see that does the work to fully activate fluorescent materials. Our UV flashlights have a specialized lens filter to block the unused visible light and eliminate glare that interferes with seeing the fluorescent color.

As illustrated above, inferior black lights barely activate many fluorescent materials.

Manufacturing and 3D printing


Industries We Serve

At Angstrom Techologies, Inc., our technology and solutions are used in a wide range of products across a variety of industries. Our pigments and dyes can be found in food labels, government documents, concert tickets, and more.

We’re dedicated to helping you keep your products secure. Learn more about our OVP products, services, and custom solutions.