African Nations Continue to Make Progress With ID Security, But Much Work Is Still Needed

Team of African Businesspeople

According to the World Bank, approximately 1 billion people worldwide were unable to prove their identity in its 2018 report. Half of those people reside in Africa. The challenges faced by these people are immense. Without proper identification, they could lose access to employment opportunities, healthcare, government services, and more.  Since this report, it was […]

Why Cash Still Reigns in a World Filled With Digital Transactions

World Currency Laying Flat on a Table

Did you ever save coins in a jar as a kid? What about getting money under your pillow from the tooth fairy? How about heading to your favorite hot dog stand or quaint roadside eatery for a bite to eat at lunch? What about yard sales, lemonade stands, and Girl Scout cookies?  Now, imagine a […]

The Most Secure Types of Security Features: Three Layered Security Levels Explained

French Passport

Angstrom Technologies, Inc., believes in a layered security approach to document security. These layers combine to raise the security, protection, and anti-counterfeiting levels of your documents in cost-effective and skillful ways when applied properly.  The “most secure” and “most expensive” methods are not always the best or most effective solution. Your anti-counterfeiting and authentication measures […]