Why Fluorescence Is Here to Stay

Color-changing inks

Fluorescence continues to be a significant feature in document security and anti-counterfeiting efforts. The history of fluorescence goes back more than 150 years, when European scientists discovered fluorescence and developed fluorescent pigments. With so many security measures relying on the transmission of encoded information without any so-called “paper trail” or traceable tags, fluorescence may seem […]

Angstrom Technologies, Inc., Layered Security Approach

Fraudulent medicine

Counterfeiting is on the rise and shows no signs of slowing down. It’s a big problem with a big price tag. How big? According to Robert Handfield, a professor of supply chain management at North Carolina State University, back in the 1980s, counterfeit products were a $30 billion trade problem. Today counterfeit products exceed more […]

Ultimate Guide to Fluorescent Pigments and Dyes

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Fluorescent pigments and dyes are a vital part of modern-day security measures. They help prevent fraud, assist in process control, and more in a number of industries and sectors, including government, retail, manufacturing, banking, aircraft, and ID verification. Angstrom Technologies, Inc., has been in the business of manufacturing fluorescent pigments and dyes for more than […]

Understanding Absorption, Emission, and Excitation in Fluorescence

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In today’s blog, our team discusses how fluorescence comprises the interrelated processes of absorption, excitation, and emission as well as how these processes work and their application. Fluorophores  Fluorescence occurs at the molecular level when the molecules and atoms in a photoluminescent material absorb light at a particular wavelength and then emit light of a […]